State spending and caps on care costs have been an issue which has been ducked for the last decade in the UK. The current English government is fumbling its way towards something more decisive, though difficult to believe. A couple of speeches is not enough, but the framing of the problem here by the UK Minister (also reflected days after by the Prime Minister) is both more open than for many years but still unlikely to land.

More on this in the weeks to come.

Interesting to see this type of story surfacing in the BBC with a rather tame quote from Professor Andrew Dilnot, whose ideas still remain the best starting point for action.

In case you have forgotten here is a summary of what Dilnot proposed from 2011 – 2011 everyone.

And here is how the right-wing press choose to misrepresent the idea, never mind the actual plans. Takeaway message – never underestimate the stupidity of the complacent, nor the gravitational pull of populism to the selfish over the necessarily strategic