There is a lot of statistical information out there.

Age UK provide a monthly-updated statistical analysis summarising numerous sources . The link is here.

It has some value in terms of saving time searching for illustrative statistics, and bringing forward information of diversity and equality. But it does not really take us far forward in terms of what they statistics mean for us all, which the NewOld believes is what should now be happening.

This 14 page report from the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing from 2016 sets out, as clearly as any, the UK statistics and the policy priorities, which also apply to pretty much any Western country. This may not be the right agenda in many ways and is “academic”, but it is easy to read and stops us being awed by the big figures and start looking at the consequences of demographics in a practical way.

In truth you probably don’t need to know more than this to get a sense of how national policy sees ageing impacting in the next few years.