The NewOld is an active intervention in the world as it is now, in order to create a better world in the future.

We explore the way dementia, age and ageing is shaped, framed and created by opinion, ideas and influences. These are too often taken for granted. We believe this framing needs to be understood better, as it creates profound consequences and assumptions for us all, which should not go unchallenged.

So the NewOld is about disruption, using every approach we can – from serious analysis to satire, from creating new work to critical engagement with the work of others.

But disruption is obviously not enough.

The NewOld is designed to provoke clearer thinking and reflection. And it is also about stimulating action. It has a clear political intent. We want a NewOld. This cannot happen without changing what we do individually and collectively, as well as shifting the way we think.

Dementia, age and ageing are powerful forces which affect every society and family in profound ways. They deserve to be engaged with honestly, seriously and with humour – like life.

The New Old is an independent space where this can happen.